The history of Hermes

The history of Hermes begins in 1975, when Alfred Bonmassar and Wilfrid Kröss decide to produce a machine for grass cutting. This decision arose from the concrete need of farmers to cut grass with efficient and robust machines. In order to meet these needs, Mr. Kröss developed and built the machines, which were already considered progress in design and function at that time. This has enabled Hermes to become a concrete and reliable brand name in the mulcher sector and to become the market leader.

For 40 years now, Hermes has been working closely with farmers, developing increasingly specialised machines for fruit and wine growing. Since its foundation, Hermes has developed innovative solutions for fruit harvesting in addition to grass-cutting machines. 1975 saw the launch of Tyrolbox®, the convenient aluminium harvesting box for fast and gentle harvesting. Tyrolbox® has led to a considerable simplification of "manual" harvesting with great success.

Always in the same year, harvesting machines with picking belts Pluk-O-Trak were introduced. Undisputed pioneers for this type of machine, Mr. Bonmassar sold the first Pluk-o-Trak for fruit harvesting with conveyor belts as early as 1975, in an era when functional mechanical harvesting was still in its infancy. The foresight of Mr. Bonmassar, who believed in these machines from the beginning, proved to be right. Hermes expanded its range of harvesting machines with picking belts and in 1997 the innovative Tecnofruit range was introduced.

Today, Hermes is the European market leader for harvesting methods with picking belts. In addition to the undisputed quality of the machine, Hermes also stands out for its unparalleled professionalism and experience in the application of these harvesters.

In the meantime, the daughter of one of the founders, Mrs Jascha Babette Bonmassar, joined the Hermes company. She continues with dedication the daily mission of the company: the construction of innovative and high quality machines for fruit and wine growing. Developed on the basis of more than 40 years of experience, great attention is paid to modern production processes.